Why Mining needs a new approach

On the precipice of the fourth industrial revolution, the global mining landscape has had to endure turbulent and incessant challenges, whilst navigating complex policy reforms, social unrest and tumultuous markets. Imperious and unchecked debt has seen once great mining houses diminished to near rubble. Rising costs and falling grades have crippled many others, whilst environmental and social sentiment are rapidly increasing.

Through attentive and deliberate action, our team at Vitalis heed the fact that modern mining is a vigilant & mindful collaboration; from strategic partners & industrial savants, penetrating through to the hearts of our communities. Whether it be business revival, strategic investment & development, or general facilitation and consulting; we aim to augment unrealised mining potential into sustainable strongholds, creating value for both the shareholder & families we support.

Our team consists of dynamic individuals, from disciplines ranging in finance & law to geology & engineering. We aim to safeguard imminent and potential value by ensuring pertinent partners are brought to each project table; where decisions are prudent and sustainable, risk is properly managed, and compassion for both the undertaking and community remains at our spearhead.

The future of the industry appears daunting, but the resilience of the sector has repeatedly shown face. We at Vitalis Mining choose to see the prodigious opportunity before us, where intensifying struggles are meeting the advancing horizons of technology, economics and politics. Mining’s increasing complexity requires dedicated team structures, standing guard and working in unison to bring success to each project.

Why We Have This Belief

The global economy has recently witnessed irresponsible debt management rocking markets as large conglomerates were “caught with their pants down”. The effect across mining economies has been catastrophic; swinging local & international markets, impacting thousands of jobs and crippling the families that vulnerably depend on them. We in turn ensure an approach to a balance sheet that is both ethical and transparent, wielding creative cost restraint and a thorough technical understanding of what is required for each turnkey solution.

Rapidly changing and advancing technology has presented challenges of its own. New and evolving industries have given life to dormant commodities, as well as reinvigorated demand in some of the more established markets. This in turn has created renewed exploration & investment, as well an internal dawn for new mining technologies. Falling grades, rising costs and increasing concern for safety are contributing to the industry’s thirst for improving mining methodology. Implementation of such advances should, however, be done in a manner that is tested, proven & financially pragmatic, adding overall value to any undertaking without straining the fiscus.

Such stringent implementation & oversight fortifies our projects against fluctuating markets, unforeseen social & political circumstances, and/or any other obstacles we must face. Our aim, however, is not only to endure, but to anticipate and mitigate any potential risk we may encounter. This requires intuitive market navigation, operational flexibility and a coherent political & legal understanding that our team strives to bring.